Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ffaerie Slippers

April's meeting, held on Tuesday was well attended, with a couple of new members.

The speaker was Lucinda Allwood, an embroidery and watercolour tutor from Bolton College. She gave an interesting talk on the history of gold work; did you know that 50% of the worlds gold is currently in jewellery. Most ecclesiastical gold work over the centuries has been melted down and the chances are that any gold jewellery you own may once have been used in embroidery.

There are two types of gold that are worked in embroidery. 

Japan, which is a very narrow strip of extremely thin gold which is wrapped round thread. This is couched onto the surface using. Gold coloured thread.

Purl, this a tight coil of gold which is cut into lengths and attached using a thread passed through.

Lucinda also introduced the beaded Ffaerie slippers which were the subject of the workshop the next day.

The workshop was held the next day at The Riverside building and was attended by 10 members. 

The materials required are:-

Cream satin back dupion
Peacock Angelina Fibres
Japan gold
Gold coloured thread
Viscose braid
Gold, green and purple purl
Variety of beads and sequins 

The day went very fast and we all went home with one nearly made slipper and the materials to make another. Looking forward to the next meeting to see the finished articles.

Lucinda is a good tutor who brought clear instructions, patterns and all the materials we needed. Asked for quotes she said "beautiful scenery", "well looked after", "impressed with your skills". If you want to contact Lucinda to run a workshop for yourself, her contact email is 

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