Friday, 7 October 2016

A Wealth of Talent

It's interesting how a potential problem can turn out so well.

The Issue: the speaker/workshop is cancelled at short notice.

The fixAsk members to bring in what they are currently working on and what they have just finished.


Oh my, what a talented lot we are. The items brought were displayed then we went round the room with members showing off what they had made, how they came about making it and what they are now making.

Abstract Appliqué 
This was inspired by a recent visit to an exhibition at Farfield Mill of work by Carole Dawber.

When finished this will have over 130 different Blackwork patterns.

Christmas Candle Centrepiece
Christmas is coming and apparently this is a simple technique with a real impact. The reel of thread making an appearance as a substitute candle.

Christmas Cross stitch
Started over 10 years ago and almost finished.

Dressed Teddy
A real dapper guy.


Using unusual threads and ribbon, with new stitches learnt, a hanging basket inspired by Capability Brown.

Foundation Piecing Patchwork
Many squares made, they just need sewing together now.

Machine Embroidery
Practice pieces inspired by Australian Aboriginal Art.

Mixed Media
A Bluebell Wood, paper, paints and machine embroidery.

Needlework case
Interesting needlework case in Tweed. Needles kept behind the front door.

Painting with threads
Like adult colouring books, you can now buy fabric printed with patterns.

Paper Piecing Patchwork
Made when this member was a teenager, which makes this ?? years old.

Ruskin Lace
A traditional Lake District style of embroidery. When complete this will be a bag.

Silvered Needlecase
A present from when this member was a teenager in France, recently silvered. It's age is unknown.  Has a design of Mistletoe.

A landscape scene, an experiment using yarn and wool tops.


Then a member asked "I wonder how many years of sewing experience do we have in the room right now. I think it would be interesting to find out.

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