Thursday, 15 June 2017

June Workshop and exhibition update

Leather Workshop Masterclass with Mark Rowney

What an amazing workshop, and such a lovely day.

Mark is such a great artist and brought these pieces of his work to inspire us. Its amazing to see what you can do with leather.

The tools we needed were a hard surface, a wooden mallet and the metal tools.  Mark had been collecting these for years and we had a wide selection to choose from.  Later on we needed rubber gloves and cotton rags.

The leather was dampened with water and then we hammered shapes into the leather.  Different results could be realised from a single tool by adjusting the strength of the hammer blow. We then started to work on projects of our own.

Finally we stained our work and buffed up to give a nice sheen.

By the end of a very productive day we had produced enough for a small market stall.

Leather tiles, a strap, key rings, butterflies and pouches


Other photographs from the day.

Exhibition Update
Our monthly meeting for June was an informal get together where we shared our ideas and projects for our big exhibition next year.  All I can say is wow, such a lot of hard work has been done already and some exciting ideas too.  But all hush, hush, so no photos yet.

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