Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ply Split Braiding and other news

   Our July meeting we welcomed Julie Hedges who gave a talk with loads of samples, slides and demonstrations on the ancient art of ply split braiding.  Traditionally made from spun goat hair, wool or sometimes cotton in North West India, men would fashion elaborate camel girths and other animal regalia.


Ply split braiding is a technique where one twisted cord passes through another twisted cord or cords splitting the plies of the latter cords.  This is unlike weaving or many forms of braiding where cloth is formed by threads interlacing in an over-under sequence.  Patterns are formed by cord colour and splitting order.

Julie has developed this into an art form to make belts, bracelets, necklaces and sculptural pieces.

The following day Julie led a full day workshop.  As the making of the twisted cords can take some time to produce she had worked hard to provide the twisted cords for the workshop participants.

Making the twisted cord


Splitting the cord

Other  Group News

There is no meeting this month as we are having our summer break.  Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th September, 7pm The Guide Hut, Appleby, where we welcome back Katie from Japan Crafts who is giving a talk on the 'Kimono - The Costume of Japan'.  Katie is very knowledgeable on this subject having visited Japan numerous times and she will be bringing with her plenty of samples of kimono and also vintage Japanese silks.

Non members are welcome, the cost is £6 which includes refreshments and a raffle entry.

The following day she will be running a workshop on Boromono (patch and stitch a piece of wall art from vintage kimono silks).  If you would like to attend this workshop (£35 plus £10 materials) please contact us.  Places are allocated to members first.  This is the last time that Katie will be making the trip up to Appleby as she is concentrating on expanding her workshops at her business premises in Northallerton.  For more information see www.japancrafts.co.uk 

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