Sunday, 13 May 2018

Book Binding Workshop

Melvin and Sue ran a very enjoyable workshop on book binding.  Paper is a textile and the sections were sewn, so it does class as a Textile Art.

During the day we also learnt a lot about the history and development of book binding techniques and we all went home with two books and a basic kit to continue making books at home. 

The paper is folded and then sewn together with a strip of fabric which is used to attach the book boards in a way which ensures the book is easy to open.

In order to ensure that multiple sections are sewn together in line with each other a frame is used.  These frames were constructed by Melvin especially for our workshop.

All smiles, as we show off our books.

Note about the tutor
Melvin Jefferson trained as a bookbinder (6-year apprenticeship) and then was trained in Rare Book and Manuscript Conservation at Cambridge University Library and worked for 20 years in their Conservation Department.  In 1992 he joined the Cambridge Colleges Conservation Consortium and became Head of Conservation in 1998 continuing to his retirement at the end of 2011.  During that time, he has worked on many important and priceless manuscripts housed at most of the Cambridge College libraries.  In 1992 he was part of a consultative team who undertook specialist advice and conservation of Iceland's most precious manuscript, the Codex Regius.

Our next workshop is Big Blousy Blooms with Laura Edgar on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. Non-member are welcome to attend these workshops, please contact us for details.

Next meeting is Tuesday 12th June 2018, Along the Silk Route, an illustrated talk by Diane and Jim Gaffney of Textile Traders, again, non-members are welcome to attend.  The cost for non-members for this meeting is £10.00 which includes refreshments and entry into raffle.

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